Picnic Vibes


The state of  Texas makes it difficult to wrap up cool, comfortable and chic in one outfit during the summer. To prepare for the heat, sundresses, tank tops and shorts are a necessity for every wardrobe. Being that summer months are big months for family gatherings, picnics and reunions, one must stay ready to endure the intensity of the high temperatures accompanied by the mugginess.

I always keep short shorts in stock for the warmer months. They are my go-to gear whenever I’m headed outdoors for an extended period of time. I like blue jean shorts because they are a lot more durable and it’s almost impossible to sweat them out. I found the pair I’m wearing at Old Navy (similar pair here) and have purchased several more identical pairs over the years. I also like to grab multiple tank tops from Old Navy when they have their $2.00 tank top sale but I appreciate the fit of the tanks sold at Walmart much more than any other brand I’ve tried. The one I’m wearing fits impeccably. It’s snug, yet it stretches perfectly. To dress up my casual look, I threw on this very light, sheer kimono from Ross, and it completed my outfit appropriately for an outdoor gathering.

Staying cool this time of year is important. Staying hydrated is even more important. But staying cute, even in the heat, is even more critical. Because, when you look good, you feel good.




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