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You can never go wrong with black and white. People are constantly throwing parties with black and white themes because black and white clothes are easily accessible. People buy black and white for work, interviews, church functions and the list goes on. Therefore, I keep black and white stored away for those occasions that call for the neutral colors I generally shy away from.

This number was found on the clearance racks at a small store called Shasta. It was reasonably priced and a quick find for a 40th birthday celebration. Like most of my dresses, I tried to find something that was multi-purpose. I figured I could always pair it with a pair of white canvas tennis shoes or heels. This dress could serve as attire for a party, a picnic or to hang out on The Boardwalk. When shopping, do you think long term and  look for versatile pieces or do you buy attire to satisfy the need in that moment?

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