And We’re Out

2020-05-22 _1394

Today is officially the last day of the school year and my son has formally completed his public school education and is preparing for graduation. In past years, high school graduations and celebrations had become standard . What was once considered a very momentous occasion had become the norm. High school graduations were no longer considered an exceptional event. This honor and moment of achievement had been reduced to the equivalence of a kindergarten graduation, as if all students would reach this milestone. Schools no longer allowed complete families to attend this event. Restrictions were placed on the number of tickets each student received, therefore limiting support for the student. Many students would never have another opportunity to say, “I did it!” but yet only eight to ten people were allowed to share this moment.

And then 2020 happened… These students have missed so many of the events that we all looked forward to as high school seniors. They did not have prom, senior skip day or even a chance for the infamous panorama picture that took two hours to capture the livelihood of the senior class. These students are attending virtual graduations, having to participate in graduation parades or wearing masks to live graduations while sitting in discomfort. This is the year where graduations are once again gratifying. This is the year where people near and far want to acknowledge every graduate in the world. This is the year where people are wanting to dress up to honor our 2020 graduates. This is the year where graduation posts on social media have made us cry as if it were our own child. And we have gotten back to the idea of how important this occasion is, not only for our kids, but for parents and family as well. High school graduates are being commemorated near and far instead of being taunted because “it’s just high school.”

As a parent, I am glad to see how the students of 2020 have embraced the change. I am delighted to see how resilient they are as a student body. Having the opportunity to watch so many of these kids over the years as scholars and athletes, I always felt they were an exceptional group of students and not just because my son was a part of this group. For years, I said, “There will never be another group like the class of 2020.” and life has proven that statement to be true.

Today, I salute every member of the class of 2020 and every parent that attempted to make this journey pleasant and fulfilling for their seniors. As for me, I am appreciative of having this time with my senior. We’ve had countless conversations, lunch dates and made some very crucial decisions, together. This is still a time of celebration. These students have worked diligently to get to this very moment, the last day of high school. I encourage you to recognize these students for their gains. Some could use an encouraging word right now. Hats off to you, class of 2020. The vision is clear. “Hold the vision, trust the process.” – Anonymous 





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