I Owe It All to You


Life has a tendency to do its own thing. We are taught to plan, organize, and execute, and if we do those things, all should go well. We set goals, we reach milestones and every time we reach a milestone, we strive for something bigger, greater. With many great achievements experienced, I sometimes look back and wonder, “How did I get through that?” I remember the elderly people in church singing a song with lyrics that said, “My soul looks back and wonder how I made it over.” As I go through the process of finishing my last grad class, assisting my son in preparing for his transition to his first year of college, all the while trying to adjust to virtual instruction with parents that “didn’t sign up for this!”, there are times when we come to a week’s end and I really wonder how I’m still standing.

One of the things I’ve always bragged about is my support system. They show up and really encourage me along the way. They stand in the gap when my schedule gets so busy that I need a break from the norm. They are always making provisions for my little family and are very empathetic as if they’re not experiencing life at the same speed as we are. I am truly grateful for my family and each gift they extend to me.

My parents – As expressed before, my dad transitioned last year. But with one parent or two, I know I have love on my side. My parents have supported everything I’ve done from beginning to end, as a child and an adult. My parents attended all of my school programs, they were the loudest people at the track meets and made it their business to brag about my accomplishments. When I became an adult, my parents did school pick ups, cooked me breakfast to pick up on the way to work, came to my games when I was the coach, not the player, bought uniforms for students in my class, sponsored class parties, bought supplies and still bragged about everything I did, as their child. My parents made me believe all things were possible and I still hold on to that belief.

My siblings – Having four siblings, each of them offer a different level of support. My youngest sister is definitely my biggest cheerleader. Thinking about the effort she puts into “pumping me up”, I’m surprised she was never a cheerleader because the team definitely would have won with her on the sideline. My younger sister often stands in the gap and is the bus driver when schedules have to be adjusted and I accept the fact that I really can’t be in two places at one time. My older sister offers guidance and she’s the one with a sense of humor that mirrors mine. During those moments when I probably should be genuine and serious, she is the one that shares a laugh with me. And my brother, the best friend I could ever ask for, I don’t have words to describe who he is and what he does for my family. He is the most level-headed person in the group but he is also a jokester. We start so many conversations with, “Okay, now don’t laugh.” Ha! He definitely keeps me grounded and has always made sure I was better than alright.

My husband – My husband has so many of the same qualities my dad possessed. He supports everything I do. He wipes my tears, and I have shed a lot of them lately. He can convince me I can walk on water if that’s what I said I wanted to do. He listens to my gripes, he  commends all the things I do to make our household function, but he also gives me the freedom to walk away for the sake of clearing my head. He knows when I’m tired and relieves me of responsibilities for the sake of my mental and emotional well being.

My son – This one gives me life. He’s the reason I can’t quit. The crazy thing about my son is whenever I’m down, without even knowing, he does something so entertaining that my mood immediately changes. Many people refer to us as twins because we look alike and act alike. The scary part is my son can always sense when something is wrong and he silently covers and comforts me.

I have aunts, cousins and a few friends that are also very supportive. My entire family believes in me. Some cheer for me in private and some are here to let the world know how much they care and will go to war for me. While we don’t always agree, the people in my corner belong to me and I really wouldn’t trade them for anything, or anyone, in the world. To all of my love ones, thank you! I owe all of my success to you!



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