Pet Peeves = Pissed

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We all have funny little quirks about us. Many of us tend to think some things are cool or cute just because it doesn’t bother us, but that doesn’t mean some of our behaviors don’t irritate the life out of others. Nothing is more annoying to me than people doing things they have to know is irksome. I often wonder, “Do you have friends?”, “Did your parents not correct you when you were younger?”, “Is it just me?” I realize I don’t like a lot of noise so I try to avoid people that tap, click pens, or hum a lot. I’m sure me staring at them is just as annoying to them as their noise making is to me. Instead of making both parties uncomfortable I try to avoid being in the presence of people are attending events where I know I’ll find myself vexed. However, some things are unavoidable and I just can’t…

  1. Loud chompers/chewers – I’m not referring to the people that smack a tad bit while eating. I’m referring to the ones that chew so loudly that it sounds like they have teeth that belong to Godzilla. Those people that chomp when they chew. Everything sounds crispy, no matter what they are eating.
  2. Jealousy/People unwilling to celebrate others – In high school, our track coach gave us a prayer. And while I don’t remember the entire prayer, I do recall the ending that said, “And if I should lose, let me stand by the roadside and cheer as the winner goes by.” This prayer along with some of the most amazing coaches taught me to have good sportsmanship. There have been times in my teaching career when I know I was deserving of accolades that were awarded to others. Instead of getting upset or belittling others because I thought I was better, I celebrated them. I learned a long time ago to clap for people in their winning season because as long as I continue working, I know my time is coming. I am always bothered when I see people that refuse to honor others during their “shining moments”.
  3. People that touch food with their bare hands – Not the “This is my plate, I can use my hands if I desire.” I’m talking potluck, shared resources in the teacher’s lounge, lunch being provided for the entire team and I’m going to grab food with my bare hands. I’ve witnessed people stick their hands in the tortilla chips that are being used for nachos. I watched one lady lick a knife and proceed to cut into a pie. Oh, and please try washing those hands next time just because.
  4. Not respecting personal space – Pre-Covid…stay away from me. I don’t like people crowding me and please ask me for permission to touch me. I don’t think people respect the idea of boundaries. I often wonder what makes someone comfortable enough to stand close, too close or play in someone’s hair or rub their stomach when they’re pregnant. UGH!
  5. Believing money has the power to change all things – People kill me trying to convince me to do things because they can pay me a couple of dollars. I had someone tell me they would pay me to give them answers to a test while we were in graduate school. When I explained to them how the test was set-up and the response was, “I know and what I need you to do… Go ahead and make a few extra dollars.” *Click…call disconnected.

I have a few more things that bother me but these are the ones I encounter the most. What are some things that bother than you, especially in the workplace?

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2 Responses to Pet Peeves = Pissed

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    Oh man – I am a fidgety penclicker by nature but I even manage to annoy myself with that as well xD. But my biggest pet peeve at work is people who don’t keep their promises/deadlines but feel no need to communicate their failure in doing so. I fucking hate waiting for something that isn’t coming while they sit there knowing they won’t get it done waaaay beforehand.


    • barbiebeauty says:

      Glad you’re able to acknowledge that. LOL! And YES, I can understand your frustration working with someone with that type of work ethic. I would probably flip out if someone repeatedly did this. Tell me what it is and let’s devise a plan to get it done.


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