30 for 30 – Part II

Spring is officially here and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. If you read my post 30 for 30 – Part I, you know I’m trying to complete 30 activities in 30 days. I’ve compiled a list of random things to help me reset and find a place of peace as I approach the beginning of the end of a very stressful school year.

Last year during this time I was on the downside of graduate school and looking for the strength to make it through. There was no family vacation, no impromptu staycations, just weekly trips to Target and Walmart looking for toilet paper and Clorox wipes. Well, I’m ready for it all this year. Kind of… So here’s the second half of my 30 for 30 quest in trying to gain some sense of normalcy now that most states have opened back up.

  1. Go Kayaking – I’ve been kayaking before and enjoyed it, but my arms were tired and my son had to do all the work. However, on a nice, calm day, kayaking would be a very relaxing activity to try again.
  2. Have a garage sale – I have so many things I need to get rid of, even after making donations to Goodwill. I’ve considered a virtual garage sale but I’m not really sure how that works. Do I ship the items once they’re sold or do I package the items and have people stop by a general location to pick them up?
  3. Fly a kite – I joke about a gentlemen that often attempts to fly his kites at the park. It’s so entertaining because he often fails but he seems so fulfilled trying to get his kite going. During those moments, I’m able to envision a child with no worries and I need to get to that space if only for a few minutes.
  4. Beach, beach, beach – Beaches are our go to place. If we can’t find anything else to do, we will find time to escape to a beach.
  5. Get a mammogram – This is a real serious matter. I’ve had breast exams before but I have officially reached the age where mammograms are a part of my well woman exam.
  6. Seek a nutritional specialist – At my age, my body doesn’t bounce back as well as I would like. Although I exercise, my eating practices are horrific. I think making adjustments to my eating habits as well as my workout routines would be beneficial.
  7. Butterfly garden – I love the sight of butterflies. I’ve visited butterfly gardens/museums on multiple occasions and I always find a color to focus on. The first time I visited the Butterfly Museum I was immediately drawn to butterflies that were blue. The most beautiful creatures out there.
  8. Attend a baseball game – I know NOTHING about baseball. But I do love that the games are outdoors and the peanuts are always fresh.
  9. Write a letter – We are in a world of instant everything. Send a text. Just call them. Letters and postcards are treasures. Last year while cleaning, I came across letters from my parents and friends that were sent to me when I first went off to college. To go back in time and relive those moments were priceless. To revisit a conversation with my dad who is now deceased was momentous.
  10. Join a book club – At one point in time I was a member of a book club. I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie, engagement and monthly dinner with men and women alike that could appreciate a good book. It also forced me to read even when I don’t think I had time.
  11. Try new recipes – Last year I practiced cooking breakfast because I pretty much suck at breakfast. Eggs, sausage and biscuits, that’s where I draw the line. But with practice, I’ve been able to slowly add to that list. I’ve also tried some new dinner ideas and would like to add to the catalog.
  12. Color/Paint a picture – This is a very soothing activity. My husband and I just did a paint party at home and it was completely silent as we both relished in the moment.
  13. Play Board Games – I am highly competitive and enjoy games of all sorts. Typically we play cards because it’s quicker to finish a card game but again, the point of this is to be present in the moment and be at peace.
  14. Visit the Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin -We travel to Austin often but have not really explored many of the local restaurants. This is a must for me. The problem is my husband is going to want to kayak on Lake Travis. I’m still kayaking in the smaller bodies of water, not ready for Lake Travis.
  15. Tour my city _ I’ve lived in the same city all my life and still get lost going around the corner. I have no sense of direction so I travel closer to home for everything. This makes me feel safe and at ease. As a result, I don’t know much of what my city has to offer.

Whew! I have a lot to accomplish in 30 days. Fortunately, I have already started on some of my activities. While I want to experience all of these in 30 days, I don’t want to stress myself for the sake of my 30 for 30 experiment. What kinds if activities do you all partake in during the spring and/or summer? Any fun and daring adventures you have to share? Drop your ideas below.

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