Wood Therapy Treatment

Happy New Year!

I recently took a short sabbatical from blogging to focus on what I really want to blog about and the things I am genuinely interested in sharing with others. During this short period, I focused on trying new things related to fitness and fashion. I evaluated my blogger stats, including my views, likes and comments to gauge what my followers are interested in, and fortunately it aligned with some of the new experiences I’ve had over the past six weeks.

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for quite some time now. And while I haven’t lost any weight, I haven’t gained any either. I decided to try some new activities to give me a jumpstart because the goal is not to maintain my weight, the goal is to lose weight.

In November, I tried wood therapy, a massage technique that involves wooden tools and suction cups and is supposed to reduce cellulite and break up stubborn fat. After the first session and reading blog posts about the treatment, I decided I would try it at least two more times to determine it’s effectiveness. I also decided I would schedule appointments four weeks apart and then scale back because I also want to determine if the treatment if effective for an extended period of time (up to three months). I’ve had two sessions and listed below are the things I observed about my body after the first session.

  1. I felt lighter during my workouts. Often, I feel like I’m packing access weight, and I feel a need to wear a waist trimmer belt to hold everything in position. The reality is nothing is moving. I started working out immediately after the first session and I felt like the load of my body had lessened. It was easier and more comfortable to move about without feeling like I needed to lift up extra baggage and pack it to the starting line.
  2. My food intake was more controlled. I was consuming a sufficient number of calories to maintain my weight, but now I am consuming fewer calories and can really focus on dropping a few pounds.
  3. I drink more water. During the procedure the technician asked if I drink a lot of water and the answer was, ‘nope”. I honestly don’t drink a great deal of fluids throughout the day. The wood therapy made me thirst for liquids and my water intake increased. The first week or two my body pleaded for what it needed, and that was more water. Drinking more water has also helped with my food intake and digestion.
  4. I would get stomach spasms. There were days when my stomach felt as if I had done 1,000 sit ups the day before. The agony was similar to the pain I experienced when I was an athlete competing in college.

I recently had my second session, but it’s too soon for any real updates following the second session. One thing I can say I experienced during both sessions is a moment of complete relaxation. If it did nothing for my physical being, it definitely helped me improve my mental and emotional state each time.

I’ve considered making this a monthly treatment, but I won’t make that decision just yet. Have you or someone you know ever engaged in captivation or wood therapy? If so, what was the experience like? Is this something you would try to help your fitness journey along? Drop your comments below.

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