Steps to a Healthier Me

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure scare. I returned to the doctor last week and while my blood pressure was still slightly elevated, it was much better than the previous visit. I was elated to learn that not only was my blood pressure improving but I had also lost a few pounds. This was exciting news, simply because my ideal weight is 142 pounds and I have a lot of work to do. Still, I was encouraged, three pounds down in two weeks. The doctor and I discussed things I had been doing to aid in my weight loss and help with my blood pressure and I didn’t realize how effective the transitions were that I had made in only two weeks.

  1. Increased my intake of Vitamin C – I now take a Vitamin C supplement every morning and drink a glass of orange juice before I start my day. Vitamin C helps manage high blood pressure and prevents iron deficiency. Win, win for me!
  2. Started eating berries regularly – I’ve started eating berries as an afternoon snack. I read berries are also instrumental in getting blood pressure under control. Due to my blood pressure scare, I was also concerned about being diabetic. While I was spared that diagnosis, I wanted to find ways to reduce the risk of having diabetes and berries were a good option.
  3. Eating earlier – In the summer months, I worked out late in the evening. As a result, I was eating later than I usually eat. Once I finished eating I would head to bed and of course we know that’s not healthy. Lately, I’ve been trying to eat before 7:00 PM. This gives me three hours to move around before laying my head to rest.
  4. Adding more exercise/activity to my daily routine – I was already working out 3-4 times a week but I’m trying my hardest to work out everyday. Working virtually had caused many of us to become stagnant but I have become more intentional in my daily activities. I park at the end of the parking lot for the sake of extra steps. I walk during my conference period and I still run/walk after work. I have been seeking 60 minutes of activity daily and now that the temperatures have dropped, it feels great!

These changes may seem minute but they have me on the road to a healthier me. The next step for me is to consult with a nutritional counselor so once I lose the extra weight, I can maintain it this time. I also want to try a juicing cleanse but I’m not sure my body can handle it and I’m also not sure of all the benefits. If you have any ideas or thoughts on the juicing, let me know.

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